RNR Trident Series NFPA Throw Bag w/ 10MM Grabline


Rock-N-Rescue NFPA Trident Series Throw Bags are used anywhere the potential for a water-related emergency exists, such as swimming pools, white water rafting, boating or any related sport. Throw bags are a superior alternative to heaving lines and ring buoys as bags can be thrown further and with greater accuracy. Our bags do the job better, quicker and more efficiently.

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Made in USA.

  • Rope: 10mm NFPA Grabline
  • Weight:
    • 50 ft. – 19 oz.
    • 75 ft. – 30 oz.
    • 100 ft. – 40 oz.

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50 ft. (15 meters), 75 ft. (23 meters), 100 ft (30 meters)


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