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Tax Exemption Policy

If the shipping address you supply us with sends your order to a location within the state limits of the state of Ohio, California, Pennsylvania, or Illinois, your order will be subjected to its respective state sales tax:

  1. Ohio Tax: 7.50%
  2. California Tax: 7.50%
  3. Pennsylvania Tax: 6.00%
  4. Illinois Tax: 6.25%
  5. Texas: 8.25%
  6. New Jersey: 6.63%

If the shipment is not directed to a location in the states of Ohio, California, Pennsylvania, or Illinois, your order is not subject to applicable state taxes. However, you may claim tax exemption by submitting a tax exemption form. If you claim an exemption on this website, you must send us a form before you receive your purchase, regardless of the status of your payment.

Absolutely no goods will be shipped to an account claiming tax exemption until a fully filled-out tax exemption form has been received.

W-9 Form
If you require a copy of our W-9 form, we have an electronic version available for you below:

Download W-9 FORM HERE