RNR Maestro Mainline Kit


Built around the Petzl Maestro, the Mainline Kit provides a fast and safe lowering/raising system. Rescuers can use these components to build mechanical advantage systems including a 3:1, 3:1 with change of direction, or 5:1. These ready-to-go kits minimize gear sorting and allocation.

Part Number: MMK


  • The Maestro is a descender designed for technical rescue operations.
  • It facilitates manipulation of heavy loads, for lowering or hauling, and may be used in both the primary system or in a back-up belay.
  • This versatility allows rescuers to adapt to any situation they may encounter on the rescue scene.
  • The ergonomic handle and integrated braking allow for comfortably controlled descent.
  • Shifting from lowering position to hauling position is immediate, without the need to transfer the load.
  • The integrated progress-capture pulley has a large diameter sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings, ensuring excellent hauling efficiency.
  • The AUTO-LOCK system automatically locks the rope when the handle is not in use.

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