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Promotion Policy

Promotions will occasionally be made available to certain people, groups, audiences, and target consumer demographics, as well as the general public. Columbus Supply’s promos serve the purpose of creating new business opportunities, tracking customer loyalty, tracking customer purchasing trends, and creating incentives for future purchases. They are not intended for any other purpose. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

Columbus Supply reserves the right to deny a customer from using a promotion. Generally, this will occur if Columbus Supply believes that the promotion is being used in error, incorrectly, or abusively.

Promotions cannot and will not be combined with other promotions or offers. Once a promotion has expired or has been used (if not reusable), that promotion is considered complete and will not be reinstated. However, this does not mean that a similar promotion cannot or will not be created in the future.

In the event of a percentage-based discount that is applied to a specific item that has multiple prices, the discount will be applied to the average of all the selected prices for the applicable item.

In the event of a shipping promotion, only shipping costs will be affected. Any additional surcharges applicable to the purchase will remain in place.

To correctly apply a “Buy (x units) Get (y units) Free” promotion, you must have all the units required in your cart. That is to say, if the promotion is “Buy 2 Widgets, Get 1 Widget Free”, you must put three widgets in your cart before applying the promo code.

NOTE: If you have a personal promotional code, make sure you apply it when you are ready to purchase. If you apply the code and do not purchase, your code will be considered used and you will not be able to use it again.