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Fire and Rescue Supply Company Since 1997

It all started one day in 1997 during a conversation with an old college buddy.  After being in the fire service for many years, he could not believe how saturated the supply market was with chintzy, knock-off products and how lacking it was in professional, reputable dealers selling quality products.

From this, an idea was born.  If firefighters and fire departments were truly an underserved market while in search of the best quality products, and if we could provide those products at a reasonable price, we could go into business. 

Here we are, years later, and we are still going strong, selling the best products for some of the lowest prices on the internet.  In fact, Columbus Supply has blossomed into one of the largest volume operations by supplying municipalities, big city to small volunteer fire departments, the federal government, U.S. Armed Forces, rescue teams, police, in industrial settings, all the way down to the individual customer.  We supply great products to the general public at the same discounted pricing that we provide to large and small organizations alike.  We still happily supply a wide variety of products that are being used to both save lives and enjoy life by land, air, and sea today and pride ourselves in continued customer service long after the sale.