PMI® 12.5 mm Sewn Eye


PMI® uses precision stitching to create a permanent, sewn termination that is stronger than any knotted termination and nearly as strong as the rope itself. Heat shrink tubing protects the stitching and the label from abrasion. PMI can sew either one or two end terminations on the following ropes and these are certified as Manufacturer Supplied Eye Terminations per NFPA 1983:2012:

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• Streamlined permanent termination
• No knots
• Nearly as strong as the rope
• Stronger than knots
• Two separate but equal blocks of stitching provide greater safety
Weight N/A
Diameter 12.5 mm
# of Ends one end, two ends
MBS 43.3 kN (9734 lbf — PMI® Hudson Classic Pro EZ)

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Weight 0.205 lbs
# of Ends





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