Securis™ Front-Brim Safety Helmet with Mips


Securis Class-C Safety Helmets

Construction grade hard hats in Micro-Brim, Front-Brim and Full-Brim configurations

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The Securis Class C line of hard hats with Mips Safety System increases protection by reducing the effect of side angle impacts from trips and falls – the most common impact accident in the field. In addition this unique helmet offers all the additional protection required for front, back, top and side impact from dropped objects and other impacts.

Class C Helmets are available in 3 unique models with brims tailored to specific applications:

SEC23C Series Micro-Brim: Utility / Confined Space / Arborist
SEC24C Series Full-Brim: Construction / Oil & Gas / DOT
SEC25C Series Front-Brim: Construction / Oil & Gas / DOT

All models are Type II (tested for multi-directional impacts)
ANSI Z89.1-2014 / CSA 794.1-15

Standard Features:

Mips Elevate Safety System

Offers multi directional rotation to mitigate the harmful effects of rotational force.

Standard Impact Protection

Suspension and outer shell are compliant to all testing requirements for all over protection.

Integrated Chin Strap

The addition of a chin strap ensures the hard-hat stays in place offering maximum safety performance when needed.

Comfort Padding

Moisture and heat wicking padding are breathable and removable for easy cleaning.

Airflow Architecture

Floating interior Mips safety system allows for heat radiation from the head and faster drying in wet conditions.

Enhanced Range of Vision

A more refined shell form dramatically increases the overall field of vision especially overhead.

Accessory Compatible

Customize with accessories including headlamps, ear protection, eye protection and more all available direct.

Custom Sizing

Dial-to-fit sizing accommodates a wide range of head shapes and sizes from 53-63cm/21-25in.

Stock and Custom Colors

Available in white, black, orange and yellow or custom colors.

Tested and Approved

ANSI Z89.1-2014, CSA 794.1-15
Type 1 and 2 Class C and EN 12492


All models are Type II (tested for multi-directional impacts)
ANSI Z89.1-2014 / CSA 794.1-15

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