Rescue 42 Cinch Ring


The Cinch Ring is used to attach a strap around an anchor or a load. It works like a dog choker collar and allows you to safely attach the ratchet strap to itself up to its full load potential.

If you try to hook the ratchet strap to itself without the cinch ring (as shown below, left), the hook will fold the strap over onto itself. Under load, the strap will want to flatten out and will likely slip out of the hook which will abruptly (and dangerously) release the load.

Part Number: CTC-506


To use the cinch ring, insert the Ratchet Strap hook through the ring, loop the strap around the anchor or load, and then hook the strap hook back to the cinch ring (as shown above, right).

As you pull the strap, the cinch ring will slide down the strap until the system chokes up around the anchor or load. This is very useful in attaching the strap to trees, utility poles, “A”, “B”, or “C” posts, or even around an entire vehicle in order to stabilize

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