Steck Flange Lever


Quickly access hard to reach damaged frame flanges, door an hood edges, as well as radiator supports to bring back proper edge alignment.

Part Number: 20037


Quickly access hard to reach damaged flange frames, door and hood edges as well as radiator supports to bring back to proper edge alignment.

A unique double ended revers 1/4 inch hook design, made from hardened alloy steels, gives the technician easy access to buckled metal edges. A flat hook allows for easy manual alignment while the 35-degree angle bar allows the technician to access areas like radiator supports. Flange Lever design allows for multiple angles to gain hand clearance for flang and/or angled pulls while using the body of the tool to provide maximum leverage for manipulating the damaged flange or edge panel.

Quick movement along the damaged area allows for multiple metal manipulations without needing to unlock and relock locking pliers used today to perform flange repairs.

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