Stearns Rescue Mate Throw Bag


Quickly rescue swimmers in trouble with the Stearns Rescue Mate Throw Bag. This lightweight, easy-to-throw rope bag features 3/8″ double-braid floating polypropylene rope with a tensile strength of 1800 lbs, strong enough to safely pull victims in despite rushing water. The Cordura bag is an easy-to-spot bright orange lined with a 1-inch wide high-visibility reflective tape. Thanks to its lightweight construction, the Rescue Mate bag is easy to throw over a long distance.

Using this throw bag is simple. Hold the bitter end, skillfully throw the bag to the person, and the rope will automatically pay out as it goes. It is carefully designed to avoid snagging. The bag’s quick-release carrying strap and drawcord closure ensure a quick response, and the 1-inch buckle allows you to hang it around your waist-mounted belt or a boat rail to keep it accessible at all times. The neck of the bag is wide enough for the rope to be easily repacked with wet cold hands.

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  • Lightweight yet high-strength
  • Designed for easy and fast deployment
  • Available in 50 ft., 70 ft. or 100 ft. rope length
  • Tough Cordura throw bag with reflective tape
  • 3/8″ double-braid floating polypropylene rope
  • Rope tensile strength: 1800 lbs

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50 ft. (15 meters), 70 ft. (21 meters), 100 ft (30 meters)



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