RNR 8 mm Poseidon Personal Escape Rope


Developed for Rock-N-Rescue by Sterling Rope, Nylon Personal Escape Rope is the most cost effective solution for those who want the ability to escape from a structure without the higher cost of a Technora or Aramid fiber based rope. Even though the melting point of nylon fibers is lower than the more expensive fibers, recent tests done with a remote anchor that was exposed to 635 degrees, the rope did not fail in any of the tests conducted before 9 minutes. Nylon fiber makes a lightweight, compact more supple rope that is easier to stuff and use. It also works great with the F4 and new FCX escape devices that are on the market today. Although we hope that you never have to actually use this item in an emergency, rest assured that if the need to use it arises in an emergency, this product is backed by years of research and development, testing and actual field work.



  • Color: Neon Green with blue tracers.
  • Made in USA.

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600 ft. (183 meters), Per Foot



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