Mustang Survival Rapid Repair Technology


The Sentinel Series Dry Suits take advantage of Mustang’s Rapid Repair Technology™ which enables users to self-replace neck and wrist seals in an hour or less, and repair minor leaks in the dry suit shell. WARNING: The protection provided by your dry suit relies very much on its watertight characteristics. It is extremely important that damaged suits are handled in accordance with repair requirements. A Mustang Survival repair facility should perform all major repairs.



RE0001 – Complete Replacement Seal Tool Kit (Neck, Wrist, Sock, Iron)
RE0002 – Replacement Neck Seal Tool Kit
RE0003 – Replacement Wrist Seal Tool Kit
RE0004 – Neck and Wrist Seal Hand Iron
RE0005 – Replacement Rubber Neck Seal – Thin
RE0006 – Replacement Rubber Neck Seal – Thick
RE0007 – Replacement Neoprene Neck Seal
RE0008 – Replacement Rubber Wrist Seal
RE0009 – Replacement Neoprene Wrist Seal
RE0010GB – Rapid Repair Dry Suit Patch Kit
RE0011 – Neck and Wrist Seal Repair Kit
RE0012 – Rapid Repair Adjustable Neck Seal
RE0013 – HIT WINDOW REPAIR KIT (ver 22/34 only)
RE0014 – Dry Suit Field Repair Kit
RE0015 – Sentinel Series Sock Rapid Repair Kit
RE0016 – Sentinel Rapid Repair Socks (Pair)
RE0017 – MD1250 Neoprene Pad Retrofit Kit
RE0018 – Sentinel Series Wrist Rapid Repair Kit
RE0019 – Complete Rapid Repair Tool Kit (Neck, Wrist and Sock)
RE0020 – Rapid Repair Rubber WS Emergency Repair Tape
RE0021 – Rapid Repair Low Profile As Neck Seal
RE0023 – Sentinel Rapid Repair Sock (Single Right)
RE0024 – Sentinel Rapid Repair Sock (Single Left)

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Complete Replacement Seal Tool Kit, Neck Seal Tool Kit, Wrist Seal Tool Kit, Neck and Wrist Seal Hand Iron, Rubber Neck Seal – Thin, Rubber Neck Seal – Thick, Neoprene Neck Seal, Rubber Wrist Seal, Neoprene Wrist Seal, Dry Suit Patch Kit, Dry Suit Patch Kit v2, Neck and Wrist Seal Repair Kit, Adjustable Neck Seal, Dry Suit Field Repair Kit, Sentinel Series Sock Repair Kit, Sentinel Rapid Repair Socks (Pair), MD1250 Neoprene Pad Retrofit Kit, Sentinel Series Wrist Rapid Repair Kit, Complete Rapid Repair Tool Kit, Rubber WS Emergency Repair Tape, Low Profile As Neck Seal, Sentinel Rapid Repair Sock – Right, Sentinel Rapid Repair Sock – Left


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