Mustang Survival Automatic Deluxe Inflatable Life Jacket


Mustang Survival’s line of Deluxe Inflatable PFD’s combine the advanced safety of inflatable technology with new product enhancements such as comfort improvement features and a safety inspection window to readily tell users if the inflator is ready for use. The Velcro™ closure makes the MD3087 easy to wear and maintain while closing to the outside to reduce chafing around the neck and chest. The neoprene Comfort Collar™ eliminates neck irritation. Made for recreational enthusiasts and professionals alike, the MD3087 automatically inflates when the wearer is immersed in water and is lightweight and close fitting to ensure it doesn’t interfere with regular activities.

Mustang Survival’s automatic activated inflatable PFD’s inflate when they are immersed in water. They operate on a small tablet which dissolves in the water causing the inflator to activate and fill the inflatable cell. Automatic inflatable PFD’s are an ideal choice for situations where you don’t expect to go into the water – such as sailing or power boating – but want the confidence that if the unexpected happens, the PFD will inflate within seconds of being in the water to keep you afloat.

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  • Features

    • Automatically inflates when immersed in water – excellent in the event of immersion with injury
    • Manually inflatable if the user pulls the activation cord
    • Safety inspection window allows user to inspect inflator status: green indicates inflator is ready for use
    • When inflated it provides 35 lbs. of buoyancy when inflated
    • Lightweight design for high mobility and allows PFD to be easily worn over a shirt or jacket
    • 1½” buckle
    • Durable nylon construction
    • 35 lbs buoyancy
    • Re-packing is quick and easy
    • Includes law enforcement agency back flap
    • Can be customized with agency badge or markings
    • Neoprene Comfort Collar™ eliminates neck irritation
    • Re-arm with MA7114 Kit E
    • Leg Strap Assembly MA3032 sold separately
    • Belt Extender MA7637 sold separately

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Navy/Carbon, Red/Black, Orange


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