Fire Hooks Unlimited Outside Vent Hook


The Fire Hooks Unlimited Outside Vent Hook is designed for venting from the outside. It vents out of the reach windows from the roof position, over parapet walls or the roof edge for the Roof Team. It can be used to push down ceilings that are generally unreachable using the standard 6 foot hook found in high cocklofts. The O.V. Hook vents out of reach windows off fire escapes or ladders for the Outside Ventman, as well as vents out of reach windows from alleyways or yards from the ground level

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  • Positive guide sliding channel with lock stop
  • Sure lock clevis pin with cable attached to the guide nut
  • Pin is hard to loose and easy to find
  • Ball spring release without groping for holes
  • All stainless steel surface when in closed position
  • Celtex safety grips
  • Fiberglass rod slides into stainless steel tubing
  • Lengths: (4′ – 6′ 6″) (6′ – 8′ 6”) (8′ – 10′)
  • Fit with Ram Knob End or D-Handle

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4-6 6, 6-8 6, 8-10


w/ D-handle, Standard




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