Fire Hooks Unlimited Husky Steel/Concrete Diamond Tip Blade


The Husky Blade is extremely versatile and can be used on any power saw – gas, electric, battery operated, and will cut virtually anything on site!

This exceptional diamond blade has been specially designed for Urban Search & Rescue teams because it will cut any material. It has been specifically crafted to reduce heat during the cutting process.

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Some features of this blade:

  • Blade for Blade, the ratio is 100:1 of a normal steel (aluminum oxide) or concrete (silicon carbide) blade
  • Cuts any material in the fire service. Especially works well in cutting metal locks, bars, concrete, steel, roll-ups, car posts and any material found in a forcible entry situation.
  • The 4.5″ blade can be used with a battery-operated grinder to cut hurricane glass found on coastal buildings or items found in limited spaces.
  • The cutting surface of this blade is made with diamonds, carbide and tungsten (a heat and corrosive resistant material). It makes the blade almost indestructible when cutting any material.

This blade is a forcible entry MUST, along with a lightweight saw such as the Husqvarna K-760, 12-inch model. Can be used on any power saw and has a double arbor size 20mm with a knockout to 1 inch. Available in 12-inch and 14-inch.

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