Fire Hooks Unlimited Fidney Tool Belt


Worn for over four years by firefighters around the world, the Fidney Tool Belt has seen heavy fire duty and consistently met firefighters’ needs.

Designed by a FDNY firefighter, this utility belt efficiently carries flashlights and tools at your hips. Access them quickly when you need them, and drop them even faster when you don’t.

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Consists of a sturdy 2″ nylon belt and two 2″ heavy nylon straps. Front and rear buckles adjust to a maximum of 54 inches. Equipped with two permanently attached side drops that stay at the hips and carry equipment such as flashlights and axes. One drop attaches to a flashlight by looping around the handle and connecting to the buckle of the drop. The other drop is connected to a removable aluminum carabiner which can hold various tools—axes, Halligans, personal tools, or short hooks. The drops may be interchanged by the quick connectors on the right or left sides.

If there are any hang-ups during operation, the drops can be released individually by the quick connectors on each side. The whole unit can be dropped by the main front buckle. Black Belt with yellow or orange drop straps.

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