Conterra Mountain Rescue Kit


This little gem is for rangers and mountain rescue teams that work unsupported in backcountry rescues. Each rescuer carries one of these into the field containing just enough gear to build a component of a rescue system. This spreads the rescue load evenly throughout the team, and ensures that team members can still operate, even when separated. The kit itself consists of a sturdy bag with inventory window.  The inside wall of the bag is heavily padded with SI-tex vinyl and duck canvas. When removed, this padding rolls to become an alpine “slider” rope guard.  The floor of the bag is padded with a round disk containing 50ft of 2mm cord. When removed, it becomes the tether for the “slider” rope guard! The disk can be filled with rocks or ice and then can be used as a short pilot /throw cord. When filled with recommended gear, six of these bags + three ropes, a breakdown litter and two brake racks contain enough gear to do virtually any rope rescue, including Kootenay Highlines! Teams have been using these in the North Cascades for decades with great success.

Part Number: MRK1


Color: Lime Green is no longer available, color is now Orange

Dimensions: 10″ x 6″ x 5.5″

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