Conterra Max Rope Bag System


It has always been difficult transporting long ropes when doing large scale rescue operations without mechanized support. Our Max Rope Bag changes that. The Max Rope Bag carries 200M (600ft) of 11 or 12 mm rescue rope compartmentalized into two halves. The bag can be hand carried or worn as a backpack. When transporting the rope any significant distance the rope bag breaks in two and can be carried by two rescuers, connected by the center of the rope, just like glacier climbing. The bag halves are double ended so that either end can be accessed. The bag halves also can open up and be completely removed from the rope at any time during an operation via super strong hook and loop strips and chrome snaps

Part Number: MBS1


Well-designed and lifetime guaranteed, of course.

Rope not included.

Dimensions: 30″ x 18″ (each half)

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