Conterra Fix Litter Harness


After 8 years of proving itself in the field for mountain and industry rescue, the Fix Litter Harness has gotten better. It still holds to the original concept that a properly designed litter harness does not have to have infinitely adjustable legs to be versatile.

Now the apex of the harness has been redesigned for weight savings and rigging versatility. A larger triangle allows ample room for multiple carabiners or ropes tied directly in. And a third hole enables a quick, easy attachment for an extra secondary safety point.

Advantages of the fixed legs system is 2-fold; first, rigging speed is increased because fiddling with harness adjustments is stopped; and second, eliminating buckles and Prusiks increases strength while significantly decreasing size and weight.

The Fix Litter Harness will fit most litters used today and float patients horizontally within a couple of inches. The harness easily works in “tilt lift” operations. The center yellow portion can be re-configured, contracting the harness for rail work, confined space, or heli-hoist operations. The harness can even be split in half for twin pulley Kootenay Highline operations!

Part Number: FLH1


Weighs in at just 565g (20oz), fits in the palm of your hand, and has a breaking strength in standard configuration of 36kN. Comes standard with a storage pouch that can attach to your litter!

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