CMI Ropes Course Belay Pulley (Ball Bearing)


Stainless steel sideplates, axle, nuts, and 2″ diameter sheave. Ball bearing. 1″ diameter tie in hole. Unique sideplate allows user to snap pulley onto cable one handed.

Part Number: RP147


Part# RP147
MBS: 14,000 lbs
SWL: 2,800 lbs
Sheave Diameter: 2.0”
Max Cable Diameter: 3/8”
Weight: 0.90 lbs
Body material: Stainless
Sheave Mechanics: Ball Bearing
Sheave Material: Stainless
Width: 5.0”
Height: 2.0”
Depth: 0.941” sideplate to sideplate

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