Cascade Rescue Rikki Tik Evacuation Rescue Harness


Named for the famous story featuring a mongoose named Rikki Tikki who exhibited great speed.  When the need arises, the Rikki Tik is ready for the challenge.  Easily stowed in a pack, patrol vest or even fanny pack.  Just pull it out and in a matter of seconds you are harnessed up and ready to go to work.

Part Number: CRC-HRN-RKTK


Our Rikki Tik harness is designed for Lift Evacuation, as an emergency victim harness and a variety of other professional rescue uses.  The Rikki Tik is a true “one size fits all” harness and is constructed of 1.75″ industrial nylon webbing with a 6,000-pound breaking strength.  We didn’t skimp when it comes to quality anywhere on this harness.  All buckles are genuine AustriAlpin quick release COBRA buckles that will not release under load and have a load capacity of over 4,000 pounds (18kN).  We even included a handy gear loop on the waist belt for those extra carabiners and gear.  When it comes to a compact seat harness, the Rikki Tik lives up to its name.

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