ACR ResQFlare LED Electronic Distress Flare


The ACR ResQFlare is a high intensity LED Electronic Distress Flare. Sold with the included daytime distress flag, the ResQFlare and accompanying flag are certified to meet the applicable U.S. Coast Guard requirements allowing them to be carried in lieu of traditional pyrotechnic flares (U.S. only) on vessels subject to 33 CFR 175.130 (primarily recreational boats).

As a convenient alternative to pyrotechnic flares, the ResQFlare provides 360° visibility for over 6 miles and its efficient design allows for substantial operational life (burn time), drastically increasing your chances of survival and rescue.

Part Number: 3966



  • No expiration date – Unline traditional pyrotechnic flares which have expiry dates and stringent disposal requirements, the ResQFlare poses none of these obstacles
  • Comes with an included distress flag allowing the ResQFlare and distress flag, when carried together, to meet USCG requirements for carriage of a day and night visual distress signal
  • Visible for over 6 miles with an operational life (burn time) of 20 hours
  • User replaceable C-Cell alkaline batteries
  • Waterproof and buoyant

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