Ziamatic Quic-Swing SCBA Bracket


Crew cab getting cramped? Easily don compartment stored SCBAs. A great choice for the Clean Cab Concept and reducing firefighter exposure to harmful carcinogens!

Quickly slip into breathing apparatus from a comfortable standing position, even when SCBA is stored in high or low compartments. Swing devices are made of high-tensile strength aluminum and are virtually maintenance free.

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11-1/2″ W x 23″ L

WALKAWAY SCBA Bracket sold separately.

Note: If the compartment is 12-14″ deep, you may need to add your own extension plate to allow device to clear compartment lip.

Standard Models Available:

Swing-Down: Model QSD

Swing-Up: Model QSU

Modified Models Available:

Note: These units swing from a higher/lower position and have been modified with a recessed platform to fit shallower compartments. Ideal for compartments less than 11″ deep.

Modified Swing-Down: Model MQSD

Modified Swing-Up: Model MQSU

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Unit Options

Swing Down Unit, Swing Up Unit

Model Options

Basic, Modified


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