Ziamatic Quic-Lift Horizontal Hard Sleeve System (HHSS)


Store up to three hard sleeves over the top of the apparatus, freeing up more room for compartment storage in the side body below.

At the flip of a switch the system lowers the sleeves to a convenient height for safe and easy retrieval. Boom lowers sleeves away from the side body, so that access to side compartments remains unrestricted.

Powered by a beefy, self-contained hydraulic piston with a maximum load of 500 lb.

Part Number: HHSS-3


NFPA compliant with built-in safety latch and flashing light kit that provides a visual signal when system is out of the stored position.

For mounting of an additional hard sleeve, see Model HLAS-HS-1KIT. For two sleeves, Model HLAS-HS-2KIT

For mounting of pike poles, folding ladders, and other tools, see Model HLAS-FLB-V

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