Ziamatic Quic-Bar Tools- Black


A Halligan-style tool constructed of three pieces swage-fit together and pinned for exceptional strength and durability. Black finish.


– Made of alloy steel, providing high-tensile strength, hardness, and resilience for maximum power.

– Tapered pike is ideal for forcing padlocks or driving into material to facilitate prying.

– Pry and wedge ends are narrower than other brands for faster, easier penetration. Greater width and curvature on the wedge provides powerful leverage for prying operations.

– Easily coupled with an axe.

– Reflective tape makes the tool easy to locate in darker conditions.

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Lengths Available:

24″ – Model SQB-240-B

30″ – Model SQB-300-B

36″ – Model SQB-360-B

42″ – Model SQB-420-B

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24", 30", 36", 42"


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