Yates 905 Spreader Bar


Spec Pak Spreader Bar was designed for Wind Turbine rescue techniques that require the horizontal transfer of a patient. Spreader Bar is connected to Chest D-rings on Spec Pak. This technique utilizes two 4:1 Mini Haul or AZTEC kits attached to the swivel on the spreader bar to move a patient in Hub and Nacelle rescue situations. Spreader Bar can also be attached 2:1 Pick off the strap of the suspension system to allow for horizontal, semi-sitting and semi-vertical (80 degrees) positioning of the patient. This system of lifting is useful when longer suspension times are anticipated, reducing the chances of development of suspension syndrome

Part Number: 905SPREADER


  • SWL/WLL 2.3kN. MBS 23 kN.
  • Made in the USA

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