Ziamatic Walkaway Spring Clip Knock-Down Bracket with High Cycle Clips – 5.3 TO 5.8” Dia. Cylinder


The ORIGINAL Spring Clip Bracket – Accept no imitations!

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– The most economical way to store and secure air cylinders.

– Highly customizable—fits virtually all makes and models of SCBA. Choose between multiple protective coatings and clip sizes.

– Simple, easy, and quick. To stow, simply place the valve on the footplate and push the cylinder into the clips. To remove, just pull the cylinder free.

Note: Per NFPA standards, these brackets should only be used in non-crew areas/the station unless the apparatus was manufactured prior to 2003.

Clip Coatings:

All bracket components are coated with a specially-formulated thermoplastic. This durable crack/peel-resistant coating protects the bracket from rust, prevents damage to the cylinder, and provides a slippery finish for easier cylinder removal.

– Standard (UN): Our black base coating. For low to moderate use.

– High Cycle (UH): Our black base coating with a second, yellow, non-mar double coating on the clip tips for added bracket durability and cylinder protection. For moderate to high use.

– Full High Cycle (FH): Our standard black base coating with a second, yellow, non-mar double coating over the entire clip for maximum bracket durability and cylinder protection. For constant use.

Clip Sizes:

Three sizes of hardened steel spring clips are available. Clips are engineered with unique, rounded ends to provide a smooth bearing surface and prevent gouging or marring of cylinder. To find the proper clip size for your specific cylinder, see the Fit Chart at the top of this page or call us at 1-800-711-FIRE.

Clips may be easily replaced when worn or swapped when making departmental changes to the make/model of cylinder to be stored.

– 5″ Clips: For 5.3″ to 5.8″ diameter cylinders

– 6″ Clips: For 6.1″ to 6.9″ diameter cylinders

– 7″ Clips: For 7.1″ to 7.4″ diameter cylinders

– Low Profile Clips: Designed for air packs with clip clearance issues. Clips are 1″ shorter than standard, as to not interfere with harness assemblies and hoses. For 6.1″ to 6.9″ diameter cylinders.


Multiple footplate options are available to meet your needs. Or you may choose no footplate at all.

– Short Footplate (SF): Our standard footplate for 30 and 45-minute cylinders.

– Long Footplate (NEF): A longer footplate recommended for 60-minute cylinders.

– Angled Footplate (AF): Angled away from the backplate for use on QUIC-SWING SCBA Holders.


Optional straps add additional security to your cylinder storage.

– Tie Down Strap (ordered separately): Our most economical security strap. Recommended for use in cabinets and other static storage areas.

– Positive Holding Strap (PHS): A two-point strap. Mounts directly to the bracket backplate. Recommended for use in apparatus side compartments.

– Collision Restraint Strap (ordered separately): Third party tested to exceed the NFPA 11G standard. May be used in apparatus manufactured before 2003 to secure WALKAWAY brackets in the crew cab.

Assembled vs. Unassembled:

– Assembled: Bracket is assembled at our factory for immediate mounting. The proper clips are affixed to the backplate and footplate is bolted to the backplate in the position required for your SCBA as specified when ordering.

– Knock-Down (Unassembled): Bracket requires assembly in the field. All hardware is included. Requires a few minutes’ time with a Torx head screwdriver and 7/16″ wrench. The more economical option.

Ordering Your Assembled WALKAWAY Spring Clip Bracket:

Model numbers can seem intimidating but are easily broken down into their parts.

[Clip Coating]-[Clip Size]-[Cylinder Duration (30* or 60]-[Top Clip Position**]-[Footplate/Strap]

So if, for example, I wanted to order a standard bracket for my 30-minute 4500 PSI SCBA like the one seen in this page’s main image, I would order a UN-5-30-2-SF. That’s a bracket with a standard coating, 5″ clips for a 5.3″ to 5.8″ diameter cylinder, and a short footplate (SF).

If I wanted to add a positive holding strap? It would be UN-5-30-2-SFPHS.

If I wanted it without the footplate? It would be UN-5-30-2.

If I wanted it low profile? It would be LP-5-30-2-SF.

Now let’s say I had a big, 60-minute 4500 PSI cylinder in a side compartment that I planned to use fairly often. I would order a UH-7-60-2-NEFPHS. That would be a bracket with a high cycle coating, 7″ clips for a 7.1″ to 7.4″ diameter cylinder, a long footplate, and a positive holding strap.

* Choose 30 if using a 45-minute air cylinder

** Position 2 is the most common configuration, but you can refer to the Fit Chart or call to confirm.

Ordering Your “Knock-Down” WALKAWAY Spring Clip Bracket:

Slightly less complicated, as settings do not need to be specified since everything is shipping unassembled.

KD-[Clip Coating]-[Clip Size]-[Footplate/Strap]

So taking the examples above, if I wanted that bracket for my 30-minute 4500 PSI cylinder shipped unassembled I would order a KD-UN-5-SF.

If I wanted to add a positive holding strap? It would be KD-UN-5-SFPHS.

Without the footplate? KD-UN-5.

Low profile? KD-LP-5-SF.

Popular Models Include:

Note: See Fit Chart to find the suggested bracket for your specific air pack

5″ High Cycle Spring Clip Brackets:







6″ High Cycle Spring Clip Brackets:







7″ High Cycle Spring Clip Brackets:







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Choose Option

No footplate or strap, PHS strap–no footplate, short footplate–no strap, angle footplate–no strap, short footplate & PHS strap, angle footplate & PHS strap


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