Steck Panel Shaper Kit


An air hammer driven set of three different head shapes that allow you to quickly reshape badly deformed inner panels, body lines, and floors. Fits all standard air hammers.

Part Number: 20046


The Panel Shaper is an air hammer driven set of three self-lubricating Nylon reinforced heads that allow the technician to easily access deep reach areas and badly deformed sheet metal surfaces to form them back to original shapes. Each kit contains three unique Nylon head shapes with arbors that allow each tool to be attached to your air hammer to fix body lines, concaved areas and flat surfaces.

1. Chisel Head – works with door, body lines, corner shaping and fender edges.

2. Rounded Head – straightens out wheelhouse and quarter panels

3. Flat Head – straightens out floors, trunk floors and provide stress relief in the repair process.

Using the Panel Shaper’s with your air hammer gives needed vibration along the damaged frame areas providing stress relief and molecular realignment in the frame structure. Panel Shaper kit also allows you to form custom shape patch panels and to fabricated panels. Heads can also be customized by grinding the head to any specific angle and shape required to perform the repair. In the typical repair processes, each head should last 10 work hours.

Labor/Material Savings: Saves the technician arm fatigue and up to two hours of repair time over traditional hammer repair.

20046 Panel Shaper Kit
includes Chisel, Rounded and Flathead 

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