RamFan High Performance Turbofan 8″ Confined Space Blower w/ 15′ Duct


The UB-line of confined space blowers combines a high performance turbofan design with high strength polymers to create a line of rugged, portable turbo blowers.  The Ramfan UB-line is the perfect choice for general use and confined spaces delivering the highest airflow in their class. The double-wall polyethylene casing is light-weight, corrosion and chemical resistant and handles the bumps and falls of any job site. The quick-couple™ reversible canister detaches in seconds. Quick-couple™ canister with attached duct conveniently reverses from discharge to suction, making use and storage easier while protecting duct from rips and tears.

Part Number: ED7015



  • Powerful, compact size and lightweight
  • 15 ft duct
  • High pressure axial blower with ultra-quiet operation
  • Corrosion-proof, dent-resistant and virtually indestructible
  • Double-walled UV resistant polyethylene housing
  • Thermal switch provides overheat protection
  • 15′ / 4.6m ac power cord w / ip65 rain tested switch enclosed
  • 980 CFM

Airflow certified by Colorado experimental engineering station, inc. (CEESI)

Dimensions blower: 14″ h x 12″ w x 13″ d
Dimensions for 15′ canister : 14″ h x 12″ w x 31.5″ d

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