PMI® Fall-Tek Rescue Solution


Rescuing a fallen and suspended coworker from their fall protection without putting the rescuer in harm’s way can be a real challenge. But with the PMI® Fall-Tek Rescue Solution, a non-committal coworker rescue can be safely accomplished by using a telescoping pole to hook the suspended worker and then raise or lower them to safety. The Fall-Tek is rescue-ready and pre-rigged with ANSI compliant ropes and hardware- thereby eliminating the time spent on tying knots or setting up a complicated rigging system. Training on the PMI® Fall-Tek Rescue Solution is strongly recommended. So whether you work at height in construction or general industry, this PMI Rescue Solution is for you!



• 11 mm PMI® Extreme Pro Rope (25m, 50m, 66m, or 100m)
• 1 – 1m PMI® Wire Rope Sling
• 1 – heightec® Hurricane Pro™
• 1 – PMI® D4 by ISC
• 1 – 8’ Hastings Pole with SureClip
• 1 – Casualty Attachment Sling
• 5 – SMC FP Lite Alloy Carabiners
• 1 – Pair of Rescue Shears
• 1 – CT Quick-Up Handled Ascender, Right Handed
• 1 – Carrying Bag
Weight 34.6 lbs
Length 100m, 25m, 50m, 66m


Additional information

Weight 19.2 lbs

50 m (164 ft), 100 m (328 ft), 25m, 66 m



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