PMI® Fall-Tek Rescue Solution


Rescuing a fallen and suspended coworker from their fall protection without putting the rescuer in harm’s way can be a real challenge. But with the PMI® Fall-Tek Rescue Solution, a non-committal coworker rescue can be safely accomplished by using a telescoping pole to hook the suspended worker and then raise or lower them to safety. The Fall-Tek is rescue-ready and pre-rigged with ANSI compliant ropes and hardware- thereby eliminating the time spent on tying knots or setting up a complicated rigging system. Training on the PMI® Fall-Tek Rescue Solution is strongly recommended. So whether you work at height in construction or general industry, this PMI Rescue Solution is for you!

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• 11 mm PMI® Extreme Pro Rope (25m, 50m, 66m, or 100m)
• 1 – 1m PMI® Wire Rope Sling
• 1 – heightec® Hurricane Pro™
• 1 – PMI® D4 by ISC
• 1 – 8’ Hastings Pole with SureClip
• 1 – Casualty Attachment Sling
• 5 – SMC FP Lite Alloy Carabiners
• 1 – Pair of Rescue Shears
• 1 – CT Quick-Up Handled Ascender, Right Handed
• 1 – Carrying Bag
Weight 34.6 lbs
Length 100m, 25m, 50m, 66m


Additional information

Weight 19.2 lbs

82 ft. (25 meters), 164 ft. (50 meters), 216 ft (66 meters), 328 ft (100 meters)



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