Mustang Survival Aircraft Life Preserver Survival Vest (Manual)


Designed specifically for pilots and aircrew to be worn over flight suits, the MSV971 is a light weight, fire resistant and highly durable aircraft survival vest. Providing a full 37lbs of buoyancy, the inflatable cell – available in manual inflation – is comprised of two independent chambers, separated by a fully integrated floating baffle system. This provides for an orally inflated reserve chamber in the event that the primary chamber becomes damaged.



  • Compatible with Re-arm Kit Model # MI5707
  • Manual inflatable flotation cell
  • Survival vest contains specific pockets for stowage of survival gear
  • Made with Nomex fire resistant fabric and mesh
  • Dual chamber system for emergency oral inflation in the event of damage to one chamber
  • Integrated lifting harness
  • Waist and chest adjustment straps
  • Buddy-line and SOLAS whistle
  • Provides 37lb buoyancy (more than twice the buoyancy needed for an average person to float)
  • Weighs approximately 3lbs unloaded


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Sage Green


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This product can expose you to Chloroprene and Carbon Black, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.