KONG Tango 360 Carabiner


Tango 360 is the integration of our Tango connector with a highly efficient swivel and overload indicator that activates when stressed with a load between 200 and 300kg.

Part Number: 7150XNNNNKK


It is a directional connector, designed to avoid twisting of ropes, lanyards and metal cables.
The Double Gate safety system makes it easy to use and reduces the risk of accidental opening.
The Keylock system avoids accidental snags during maneuvers.

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Item Standards Material Colour Shape info info info info info Sleeve Features
7150XNNNNKK 7150XNNNNKK EN 12275/K
EN 362/T
Alu alloy Keylock Black 30 10 15 205 Special 175 70 / 15 26 Double gate Eye

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