Fire Hooks Unlimited Farrmaxx Tool


The FarrMAxx is a Kelly-like forcible entry tool with a maul/sledge head.

Part Number: FARRMAXX


  • Weighing 12 lbs and measuring 30 inches long, it is good for short strikes in confined spaces.
  • It works well with a Pro Bar combination of having two tools at the door.
  • The FarrMaxx is one-piece drop forged and heat treated, featuring Celtex, self-extinguishing grips.
  • The Hammer end can be used just like a hammer and for any forcible entry needed such as opening doors, windows and gates, and is perfect for digging, striking, chopping or stripping dry wall or siding.
  • The Fork / Pry Bar end can be used to open and close gas and water valves, to disconnect car hoods and batteries, prying up nails and locks, opening doors and floor boards.

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