Fire Hooks Unlimited Black-Maxx Sledge/Maul


The Black Maxx is a hybrid sledge/maul with a 8.5 lb. striking-force head opposite a with a steel-edged pike. Two tools in one, this combo gives first responders the versatility for any challenge they face. The sledge/maul makes forcible entry, roof work, ventilation, and overhaul a breeze. Black Maxx is tough and versatile enough for first responders.


  • This hybrid sledge/maul features an 8.5 pound striking-force head with a pointed blade cutter, works well with a baseball swing for easy forcible entry.
  • Provides an instant foot hold when the pointed end is sunk into a slanted or pitched roof.
  • Features a nesting slot for the fork of a Halligan tool to carry both tools with one hand, plus an over-strike rubber and measurement guide for hand placement.
  • Handle features embossed thermo-rubber grip.
  • A mini-battering ram! Total weight is 12 pounds.
  • Striking head on one side to open material and pointed head/blade on other to expand access hole.

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