Conterra LS Response Pack


The LS Response Pack is designed after mountain bike packs but with more versatility. The LS can be worn by itself or attached to many other Conterra packs for enhanced modular capability.
The top zippered pocket is filled with pre-sewn pockets and elastic organizing loops. The bottom pocket is lined with hook and loop fabric which accepts many of our modular pockets or can be configured to carry a Phillips or similar A.E.D. Hydration bladder capability is a primary design of the LS as well.
The unique swivel shoulder straps will fit any body size. Both pockets have dedicated loops to attach our EMS/Rescue light, which will illuminate the inside of the pack during night ops. There is an outside loop as well for attaching the EMS/Rescue light when mountain biking or travelling at night. This pack is a great choice for event response. Medical supplies shown are not included.

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Dimensions: 24″ x 13″ x 6″

Weight: 1lb, 3oz

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