CMI Zip Trolley


Dual hardened sheaves turn on sealed ball bearings for a smooth ride. A rear hook in the sideplates offers riders a place to hang their backup carabiner while offering a redundant system backup. Two handles provide the rider a means to maintain a forward facing position. Handles are for orientation only and should not be used by themselves to suspend rider. An aluminum bumper rounds out the package on the fronts of the trolley for increased wear. Max Speed = 130 ft/sec or 90 MPH

Part Number: ZIP TROLLEY


MBS: 13,500 lbs
Sheave Diameter: 2” (2)
Max Cable Diameter: 1/2” – 5/8”
Weight: 3 lb 12 oz
Body Material: Stainless
Sheave Mechanics: Sealed Ball Bearings
Sheave Material: Stainless
Width: 8.25”
Height: 7.25”
Depth: 1.162” (sideplate to sideplate)
10.50” (end of handle to end of handle)

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