CMI Trolley Brake Block


The perfect companions to our trolleys. Carved from dense Appalachian hardwood and sealed with an environmentally safe preservative. The striking surface is crafted from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, noted for it’s exceptional wear resistance. Steel hardware and two galvanized eye bolts round out the package.

Part Number: TRBRAKE


Mounts around cable and attaches to a static point with a bungee cord (not included). This brake block is sold as a component to an integrated braking system. It is designed to be used as part of a gravity based brake system and be attached to a shock cord. It should never be used alone or without a backup emergency brake in the event of a failure. There are two eyebolts installed in this block. One should be rigged to take the impact from the rider. The second should be connected to the first with a slack tether.

Max Cable Diameter: 1/2”
Weight: 3.0 lbs
Body Material: Appalachian Hardwood
sealed with an environmentally-safe preservative.
Eye Bolt Material: Galvanized Steel
Width: 4.0”
Height: 8.25”

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