CMI Bolt Hanger


CMI Bolt hangers were originally designed to be used in the ropes course market to be fastened to a tree or pole with a 5/8″ lag screw. The larger than normal size helps to facilitate tree overgrowth and allow extra time to keep using the hanger. They are not to be used for climbing or slacklining. One quarter inch thick steel is plated in a clear chromate solution to prevent rust before being powedercoated in an aesthetically pleasing grey.

Part Number: BHANGER


Exceeds standards for ANSI/ACCT 03-2019 Standards for life safety systems/anchorages (E.4.1)

A word about our testing:

It is well known that controlled test results in a lab can differ from real world test results. Factors such as pin diameters, direction of pull, different test materials and methods, speed at which the specimen is pulled and even weather can affect the final numbers of a particular piece. Please be mindful that even though we rate our gear at particular poundage, it is possible to produce lower or higher numbers due to different factors mentioned above.

Size: 3.25″ x 2″
Weight: 0.45lbs
Breaking Strength: 10,000 lbs / 44kN

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