Bike Self-Rescue Haul Kit


Developed in conjunction with extreme riders of the Idaho T1.  This bike self-rescue kit easily allows the rider to recover their dirt bike that has fallen downhill off the trail. The Haul Kit comes in a basic economy model as well as a top end state of the art pro-kit.  The major difference in the two kits is in the type of pulley used and how the rope is managed.

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The Basic kit comes with two prussik minding pulleys that require a traditional prussik cord to manage slippage or locking of the rope to keep the load in place while re-positioning the anchor.  While this kit is simple and effective, the user will lose several inches of lift each time the rope is pulled uphill and then tension released to re-set.  The Pro Kit uses a mechanical prussik allowing for no slip thereby minimizing the amount of effort needed to haul the bike back up.

Both systems come pre-assembled with 100 feet of super low stretch 7mm rope.  This is also one of the keys to the superior performance of the system.  Because the rope stretches very little, the user is able to minimize their effort in bringing the load back up the hill. Most ropes of this type will stretch up to 20% under load.  This means you have to work 20% harder to haul your bike back up the hill.


Basic Kit 

  • Two SMC JRB Pulleys with Beckets
  • Two light-weight aluminum screw-gate carabiners
  • 100 feet of super static 7mm rope
  • One 11″ – 6mm prussik
  • 12 feet of tubular webbing


  • One SMC Tech HX Mechanical Pulley
  • One SMC Tech Mate Double Pulley
  • Two light-weight aluminum screw-gate carabiners
  • 100 feet of super static 7mm rope
  • 12 feet of tubular webbing

Kit dimensions are:  18″ X 3″.  Basic kit weight:  2.55lbs, Pro Kit: 2.7lbs

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