Beal 15 meter Air Kit


Specific kit to create a mobile fall arrest system (EN 353-2 and EN12841-A 100 Kg) especially adapted to vertical work or work on inclined surfaces.

Part Number: BPAIRBL015K


Kit Includes

  • A MONITOR mobile fall arrest device.
  • A MOBILE-LANYARD with 2 positions: 20 cm and 40 cm.
  • 2 O’LIGHT 3-MATIC connectors to attach the lanyard to both the MONITOR and the harness.
  • Connectors: two O’LIGHT 3-MATIC and one BE LOCK 3-MATIC.
  • A length of rope 10 m / 15 m / 20 m / 30 m / 50 m / 60 m with a 11 mm diameter with sewn termination protected by a reinforced eye.
  • 1 BE-LOCK 3-MATIC connector to attach the rope to the anchor point.


  • Removable cover allows the inspection of termination stitches.
  • Products marked with a unique serial number and equipped with a label to accommodate personal markings as well as a QR code to assist traceability.

Additional information

Weight 3.999 lbs



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