ACR Artex RCL-95 LED Searchlight


The all-new RCL-95 LED searchlight was designed for performance and simplicity and to be one of the brightest led boat searchlights.  With an industry-best 460,000 candelas using 10 High Flux (50W) LEDs, you have visibility over ¾ of a nautical mile to light the way to your destination. The RCL-95 LED’s sleek design makes it an attractive and cost-effective choice for small to medium-sized recreational powerboats as well as light commercial vessels.

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Use the RCL-95 LED searchlight with either the wired dash mount joystick control or the wireless handheld remote to rotate the light 360 degrees continuously at either a fast or slow speed without the hassle of a hard stop.  With an 8-degree beam angle, the light can tilt an impressive 135 degrees to make lighting draw bridges, buoys, and docks a breeze.  The auto-home feature will conveniently park the searchlight back at the desired starting location each time you turn the searchlight off.  The RCL-95 is the brightest led boat searchlight that is weather resistant with theelectronics located in the IP68 water-resistant light head instead of the base for increased protection. The ASA housing and lens are sealed against the elements for years of trouble-free operation.

Key Features:

  • 10 High Flux LEDs (OSRAM)
  • 460,000 Candela, Max Beam Distance 4,501 Feet (1,372 m) one of the brightest led boat searchlight
  • Wireless Handheld Remote and Wired Dash Mount Joystick (Both Included)
  • 360o Continuous Rotation and 135o Tilt
  • Auto-home return when off
  • 4 Amps (12V) to 2 Amps (24V)
  • Efficient, long-life LED’s – 50,000 operating hours
  • UV & Weather Resistant
  • Simple Installation (12-24V Power Connection and 5M Wired Joystick Control Cable)
  • Perfect for work trucks, vans, boats, and workboats

Optional Accessories:

  • Wireless Dash Mount Remote (p/n 9635)
  • RCL-95 Replacement Mounting Plate for GOLIGHT® (p/n 9639)*
  • RCL-95 16.4′ (5m) Extension Cable (p/n 9638)
  • Cable Harness for RCL-95 joystick (p/n 9640)

*This retrofit kit can be used when replacing GOLIGHT® Stryker or RadioRay searchlights with the RCL-95 searchlight. Note: This kit will not work for the RadioRay Portable version (GOLIGHT is a registered trademark of GOLIGHT Inc.)

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