3″ Double Jacket Mill Discharge Hose (600 LB Test)


“Not suitable for fire protection or other high pressure continuous use applications.”

Harsh industrial environments such as steel mills and other commercial type applications calls for a durable double jacket mill discharge hose, primarily used in water transfer and wash down applications. Rawhide Fire Hose offers a double-jacket hose, commonly referred to as mill fire hose or contractor hose that utilizes a rubber (EPDM) inner tube as the conduit and a double outer polyester woven jacket to provide strength to yield the reliability required in demanding industrial uses.

The double jacket mill discharge hose, offered by Rawhide Fire Hose, comes in standard lengths of 50’ and 100’, with custom lengths and custom coupling configurations available upon request. Contact TEAM RAWHIDE to outfit your specific project needs.  Double jacket contractor / steel mill discharge hoses are available in white. Couplings may be powder coated in a variety of colors if your situation requires. Should your project or application requires a color impregnated fire hose, Rawhide Fire Hose offers double jacket hose and rubber covered fire hose in a variety of colors to fit your specific needs.

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Mill hose features:

Double outer jackets treated to resist abrasion, mold and mildew

Available couplings for double jacket mill discharge hose includes; Shank-type couplings that are externally banded and can be threaded or cam lock or expansion ring-type couplings, that are also threaded or of a cam lock style. Standard thread patterns offered are NST/NH, IPT/NPSH and NPT. Other thread patterns may be available upon request.

Flexibility for ease of deployment, handling, and reeling.

Pressure Ratings:

250# Service Test Pressure
600# Proof Test Pressure

100% polyester woven double jackets. Lining is single ply extruded synthetic rubber, compounded to resist ozone. Hose is impervious to mildew and never needs drying.

Temperature Range:

-40 degrees F to 180 degrees F

-40 degrees C to 82 degrees C

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50 ft. (15 meters), 100 ft (30 meters)

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