Fire Hooks Unlimited Elevator Key Set


Manufactured to conform to the majority of elevator manufacturer’s access keys. This set is on a large jailer’s ring for easy storage and use. Each key is on its own split ring for easy removal of individual keys.

Part Number: EKS-12


Set Contents:

  • Volt resistant key with 5,000 volt resistance
  • Swing door access key
  • Rib “T” style key
  • Vandal proof access key
  • Large half moon key
  • Small half moon key
  • Adjustable drop key
  • Side exit key
  • “Z” key round stock
  • Knife key with “T” handle
  • Shove Knife
  • Kerry key


NOTE: This product is sold ONLY to elevator personnel, emergency personnel, and persons who, at our sole judgment, have a bonafide need to possess these keys. DO NOT place an order for this item if you are not prepared to submit the appropriate documentation to verify your need to order.  Orders submitted without appropriate documentation will be cancelled, and suspected fraud will be referred to law enforcement for further action. Please contact us with any questions, or for inquiries regarding customization or volume discounts.

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