Ziamatic Quic-Release Oxygen Tank System for “M” Cylinder


This unit is designed for use with the standard 42-1/8″L steel “M” cylinder only. This unit will not fit “G”, “H”, or “M” cylinders shorter or longer than 42-1/8″L.

Lifts and lowers an apparatus-mounted gas cylinder for quick and easy replacement, substantially reducing risk of injury to personnel. Occupies less compartment space than the QR-OTS-U.

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System is powered by a single electric actuator with a maximum lifting weight of 205 lb. This actuator meets the UL-1500 standard for ignition protection, requires a 12 VDC with 30 amp circuit, and is operated via a standard toggle switch (located on side opposite the motor). An optional hand-held switch is also available. The actuator is backdriving, preventing an extended system from holding the full weight of the apparatus if air suspension is lowered.

A locking safety latch secures the system when not in use.

Systems come equipped with appropriate cylinder bracket, two standard straps, and one center ratcheting strap.

Complies with SAE-J3043, AMD Standard 003 for oxygen tank retention systems, and GSA KKK specification when used as recommended. Complies with OSHA and insurance safety regulations.

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