Yates 905WT Spec Pak Wind Turbine Lifting Bridle System with Spreader


New Spec Pak Spreader Bar was designed for Wind Turbine rescue techniques that require the horizontal transfer of a patient. Spreader Bar is connected to chest D-rings on Spec Pak. This technique utilizes two 4:1 Mini Haul or AZTEC kits attached to the swivel on the spreader bar to move a patient in Hub and Nacelle rescue situations. Spreader Bar can also be attached 2:1 Pick off the strap of the suspension system to allow for horizontal, semi-sitting and semi-vertical (80 degrees) positioning of the patient. This system of lifting is useful when longer suspension times are anticipated, reducing the chances of development of suspension syndrome. Lifting bridle is attached to a chest-mounted D-rings on Spec Pak. Head and leg strap allows for the complete stabilization of the patient without the need for a full litter. Head Strap allows it is easily adjustable with the use of 6kN rated Ancra Cam Buckles. Lifting bridle has full strength 22.2 kN rating.

Part Number: 905WT


Complete Bridle Kit Includes:

  • Spreader Bar w/swivel and carabiner connectors
  • 2:1 Pick off Strap
  • Leg Support Section w /Yates-DMM 1835 auto-lock carabiner.
  • Head adjuster strap to adjust patient suspension angle.
  • Yates 1162 ANSI carabiner to connect the spreader bar to the suspension system.

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