Yates 8010 First Responder Rappel Kit


Basic kit designed to give first responders the equipment necessary to make initial access to a vehicle off the road on a steep slope or cliff situation. Equipment can be used to set up a rappel, belay or hand line to achieve access to a victim in a safe manner. An ideal kit for an ambulance or patrol vehicle.

Part Number: 8010


Kit Contents:

  • (1) 200 ft. 1/2-inch Rope (white w/tracer)
  • (1) Medium Rope Bag (any color)
  • (2) Yates NFPA Seat Harnesses
  • (2) KASK Super Plasma Helmets
  • (2) Aluminum Rescue Figure 8s
  • (6) Steel NFPA Autolock Carabiners (1773) NFPA G
  • (1) 6 Foot Anchor Strap with Wear Pad
  • (1) 9mm Delta Link
  • (1) Yates Riggers Gear Bag

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