Steck Air Tool Oiler


The adjustable oil nozzle of the Steck Air Tool Oiler Dispenser allows technicians to easily and conveniently oil their air tool each time it is retrieved from the toolbox. This unique self-centering, non-drip, dispenser head design allows the technician to easily push the air tool inlet under the dispenser head to oil the air tool or other items, such as bolt threads, in one easy motion.

Part Number: 16600


Made from Acetal, the Steck Air Tool Oiler Dispenser mounting bracket (supplied with double face mounting tape) can be adjusted for right-handed, left-handed, or center mounting positions on your toolbox or wall. Screw holes are also available (mounting screws not included).

An 8 oz. translucent shatter resistant oil reservoir made from Polyethylene easily locks to the dispenser head allowing the reservoir to be removed so additional oil can be added.

The adjustment knob on the top of the dispenser head can adjust the oil flow .05 cc or approximately one drop per 1/4 turn, up to about four drops, so each air tool can receive the exact amount of oil required.

The Steck Air Tool Oiler Dispenser works with all models of air hammers, air sanders, air ratchets, and air ratchet heads, etc.

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