CMC Patient Tie-In System For One-Piece Litter


For many years the accepted method for securing a patient in a litter was improvised internal and external lashings using one-inch tubular web. Critical patient-packaging time could be lost and often the finished lashing was either too tight or too loose. Looking for a quicker and more secure way, we developed our Patient Tie-In System after testing a variety of prototypes in CMC School classes. The refined product weighs less, is quick and secure, and can be easily adjusted to meet the patient’s requirements for comfort.

Part Number: 724151


  • The available pelvic harness supports the patient’s weight when the litter is placed in a head-up position.
  • Available for a one-piece or two-piece litter and can be used with the pelvic harness system or for a patient on a backboard.
  • Color-coded web helps keep the system organized.

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