Nebo Slyde King 4K Work Light and Flashlight


The SLYDE® KING 4K sits atop the throne of NEBO’s legendary work light collection with its patented slide-to-reveal design. This next-gen version features a 4000-lumen LED flashlight, a 1000-lumen C•O•B work light plus a red task light in a compact design that is easy to carry or pack. With the 4x zoom, you can transition between a wide floodlight or focused spotlight beam to cast light exactly where you need it. By simply extending the flashlight, the hidden work light is automatically activated to provide balanced area illumination. With the powerful magnetic base, you can securely attach it to any metal surfaces for a hands- free lighting solution. The built-in dimming and power memory settings ensure you can customize and adapt to any situation while maximizing run time, and with its USB-C rechargeable design, you never have to worry about buying batteries. Crafted with an IPX7 waterproof rating, you’ll have no concerns in rainy or any wet conditions. The rugged construction, bright performance specs, innovative features and detail-driven design are what has made this platform an all- around best-seller whether you use it for work, recreation, emergencies, or DIY tasks around the house.

Part Number: N/A


• Weight: 1.1 lb
• Length: 8.15″ (Extended: 10.25″)
• Diameter: 1.77”

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