Gear Keeper Key Retractor, High Force 15-21 keys, Rotating Belt Clip


The RT4 High Force key retractor has a Stainless-Steel Rotating belt clip that mounts to belts up to 2″ in width.

The Rotating Belt Clip System provide a secure belt mount that allows the Gear Keeper Retractor to rotate a full 360 degrees, reducing line wear and making the retractor easier to use.

The 9-ounce retraction force is enough for up to 21 house keys.

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  • Industrial Strength Key Retractor: This is not your typical key retractor. Designed to insure durability for constant use and abuse. Unlike cable, the Spectra/Nylon Line was specifically engineered for industrial applications, flex’s without fatigue.
  • Secure: Stainless Steel 360-degree rotating belt clip with interlock feature…stays secure to your belt without inadvertently popping off. Rotation allows unit to pivot in the direction of pull to minimize line wear and fatigue.
  • Quick Connect: QC-I connector has 2 benefits – allows keys to be easily removed from retractor and pivot ball connection reduces line wear and fatigue at the connection – typical failure point.
  • Ideal Force: Available in multiple force options so that use is optimized for number of keys being used. Choose the right tool, so keys don’t dangle or retract back too fast. 3oz/36” option for 1-7 keys, 6oz/36” option for 8-14 keys, 9oz/32” option for 15-21 keys.
  • Trusted Brand: With over 20 years of experience, Hammerhead Industries is the name you can trust! If you have any questions, regarding your key retractor, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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